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Biosafety Level 3 Certified

Certification to Clean at Biolevel Safety 3

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Millennium Maintenance is trained and certified to clean at Biolevel Safety 3. Our experience working with medical offices, laboratories, research facilities, and school facilities have led us to receive this specialized certification, which offers local businesses documentation to trust the detailed cleanliness that our company offers. 

What is Biolevel Safety 3?

As set up by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Biosafety levels have been designated into four specific groupings, ranging from Biolevel 1 through Biolevel 4, depending on the level of safety measures needed in that area. Biosafety levels are a set of precautions required to separate hazardous biological agents in an enclosed lab facility.

Biolevel Safety 3 includes work that involves microbes that can cause serious and potentially lethal diseases via inhalation. BSL-3 is frequently found in facilities used for clinical work, diagnostics, teaching, research, or production facilities.  They are most commonly used for research and diagnostic work.

Some microbes that have been worked on at the BSL-3 level include

  • Yellow Fever
  • West Nile
  • the bacteria that causes Tuberculosis

What does it involve? How do we need to be equipped?

Being equipped to handle a Biolevel Safety 3 lab means adhering to all of the rules and regulations that go along with entering that specific area. Biolevel Safety 3 areas are strictly controlled and under medical surveillance at all times. People working in the labs must

  • Wear protective equipment; some labs go as far as to require respirators when dealing with certain microbes.
  • Solid-front wraparound gowns, coveralls, and scrub suits are expected in these environments.
  • There are hands-free wash areas and eyewash stations available in all BSL-3 designated areas.

The Government Guidelines behind Biolevel Safety 3 Protocol

For Millennium Maintenance to be certified, our staff needs to be aware of government mandated protocols and cleanliness guidelines that Biolevel Safety 3 labs need to meet. Our staff has to be dressed the same as a lab worker and adhere to the same precautions while providing cleaning services within the BSL-3 area.

According to the government certification requirements for inspection and evaluation, the laboratory needs to have these tasks accomplished prior to the startup of the Biolevel Safety 3 lab:

  • Clean-ability of all surfaces including the furniture in the space
  • All surfaces should be smooth
  • Seams and penetrations should be properly sealed throughout
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Surfaces should be impermeable to liquids
  • Surfaces should be resistant to chemical disinfectants and moderate heat sources
  • The room should be gas-tight for decontamination purposes
  • Non-operable windows and bio-seals
  • Pest management requirements in place

Certified to Clean and Maintain BSL-3 Areas

Our company has been trained and certified to assist in cleaning and maintaining Biolevel Safety 3 areas. We adhere to all government regulated and mandated requirements to ensure the laboratory is properly cleaned from top to bottom. All members involved in cleaning at the BSL-3 level are required to wear the correct clothing articles and gloves, which should be changed frequently during the cleaning process.

Our trained professionals have all the knowledge that a lab employee would be expected to know, including the risks involved with cleaning a BSL-3 area, annual training, and documentation that annual training was performed. We take our job and the safety of our employees seriously when providing your laboratory’s cleaning and maintenance.

The Millennium Maintenance Green Clean System

One of the safest options for cleaning just about any surface is with the use of microfiber. Microfiber’s inherent properties magnetically attract dirt and dust while being scratch resistant due to the soft texture.

Our Green Clean System uses color-coded microfiber cloths to ensure no cross-contamination ever happens on the job. For Biolevel Safety 3 labs, this is extremely important. It limits or completely blocks the spread of germs, bacteria, or diseases in an area that is used for studying highly dangerous microbes.

Here is a peek at our innovative color-coded system that ensures your lab is sanitary at all times!

  • Green: Used for general purposes such as desks, doors, walls, etc.
  • Red: Used for areas that could be infected, such as medical facilities, labs, kitchens, bathrooms, exam rooms, etc.
  • Yellow: Used for metal and stainless steel, like in elevators, refrigerators, doors, etc.
  • Blue is used for all surfaces made of glass or mirror.

For more information on our BSL-3 certified cleaning and maintenance services, please contact Millennium Maintenance directly. Services are contracted directly out of Valencia, CA to the surrounding communities.

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